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Precious Rising: Embracing All That I Am book sitting on a brown pillow on a grey couch

The Book - Precious Rising: Embracing All That I Am
by Precious McKoy (Author, Speaker, & Consultant)

This book will inspire others impacted by adverse childhood events to pick up the broken pieces to live from a place of constant healing and recovery.

You will love this book if, like me, you enjoy stories that teach life lessons, bring a deeper meaning to life, or uplift and remind us that we are all in this complex life together. Fans of TV shows like Greenleaf or 13 Reasons Why; or people who enjoy reading books like Unbound by Tarana Burke; or people inspired by movies like Antwone Fisher will also be inspired by Precious Rising: Embracing All That I Am.

Precious Rising  Embracing All That I Am | Book Trailer | Precious McKoy
Precious McKoy, Author & Motivational Speaker

Precious Rising Embracing All That I Am | Book Trailer | Precious McKoy

The book is written in three parts as part memoir, part self-help guide.

Why I Wrote This Book

I wrote this book because, as a parent, I have faced challenging questions that have echoed within me countless times. How can we effectively support our children during times of crisis within our own homes? How do we heal our families from the weight of generational trauma? What does it truly mean to follow a higher power when faced with a family crisis?

It became clear to me that unless we confront and heal our own childhood wounds, history will continue to shape our lives and our parenting. For far too long, I suffered in silence, but I reached a turning point when I realized that sharing my story was not just a part of my own healing journey, but also a way to uplift others who struggle to voice their own traumatic life experiences. I discovered that by embracing vulnerability and sharing our truths, we can build a supportive and understanding community.

The immense pressure to conform to societal expectations had kept me from speaking boldly about the painful memories of my childhood. However, with the writing of Precious Rising: Embracing All That I Am, I found the courage to break free from limitations. Though the adversity I faced as a child will forever remain etched in my memory, I have channeled my passion to help others overcome their own challenging situations, empowering them to fearlessly unveil their hidden truths. Our children deserve a brighter future, and together, we can create it.

Join me on this transformative journey by purchasing Precious Rising: Embracing All That I Am today. Let us uncover the path towards healing, growth, and resilience, ensuring that our children inherit a world where they can thrive.

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