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My name is Precious McKoy and I am the author of Precious Rising: Embracing All That I Am. I wrote this book because I want to inspire others to reverse generational cycles of trauma and abuse while preventing lifelong challenges that can break healthy bonds in their lives.

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Precious' Story

Precious wrote Precious Rising: Embracing All That I Am to inspire others to live a fulfilling life by demonstrating that there is life beyond trauma. Until now, few people have known her adverse childhood experiences. She has been able to move beyond the unfortunate events in her life while honoring the makeup of who she is — even the most undesirable things that developed her into the strong, ambitious woman she is today. It’s ugly, and it’s beautiful all at the same time.

Precious currently serves as the Founder/Executive Director at the SHIELD Mentor Program, her lifelong passion project to serve underrepresented and underserved minority youth facing adversity. Under her leadership, the youth-serving organization has gone from an early-stage startup to a sustainable organization. Over the years, she has had the opportunity to serve countless young people to strengthen their lives through the power of leadership and mentorship programs and services.  

Precious’s labor of love continues to be to help families in crisis improve their relationships with their children by having meaningful difficult conversations. Her deepest pain became the catalyst for her purpose work as an advocate for children, families, and parents. She firmly believes that having a trusted person to talk to is key to a child’s well-being. Furthermore, she supports parents to ​​position themselves to advance their families with intentionality as their child’s best advocate. 

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