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Precious Rising: Embracing All That I Am
The Journey of PREVAILING from PAIN to PASSION
by Precious McKoy


Discover the remarkable journey of empowerment and resilience in Precious McKoy's autobiographical masterpiece, Precious Rising: Embracing All That I Am. This uplifting book follows the transformation of a young girl who triumphs over adversity, blossoming into a woman who fearlessly embraces her true, authentic self. Prepare to be inspired as she prevails from pain to passion.


Precious McKoy,
Author, Speaker & Consultant

Embark on a transformative experience guided by Precious McKoy, a successful author, mompreneur, nonprofit executive, community leader, youth advocate, parent & families partner, mentor, and dynamic motivational speaker. Precious's ambitious spirit ignites inspiration within everyone she encounters. She firmly believes that we possess the power to rewrite our personal histories by altering the narrative of our lives.

In reading this book, I hope you will:


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